Start pro podnikání a franchising
Start pro podnikání a franchising

Čeština (Česká republika)English (United Kingdom)

Let us offer you a new periodical START

START for business and franchising is published quarterly on 16 pages with circulation of 7 000. However its content is created completely independently.

The CONTENT is focused on entrepreneurs, trends, leads and advice on opportunities in the business as such, talks with distinguished entrepreneurs and managing directors, analysis, directions e.g. how to reach the funds necessary for financing. It presents franchising as the way for enterprises enabling safe growth in the global economy. High professional level is ensured by advisors from Czech Franchise Association and by other business specialists.

In addition to it targeted offer is sent to two thousands of persons interested in franchising. In this way it gets directly in hands of franchisors and franchisees, small and medium-sized enterprises, professional unions and associations, chambers of commerce, information centres, banks, financial institutions and foreign investors as well as foreign associations and unions interested in the entry to the Czech Republic.

START is focused on business community and executives, existing and future franchise recipients and providers, banking and financial institutions, suppliers of goods and services for franchise networks, developers, media, chambers of commerce, agencies and information centres.

Advertising in START helps to become part of the exclusive presentation of the most prominent leaders in franchising business, to raise the awareness of your company and the credibility of your franchise system and in this way your chances for expansion in the Czech Republic and abroad. It improves your bargaining position in relation to franchise recipients and franchise providers.